Child Mind Institute Healthy Brain Network: Scientific Data Portal

Note: The Healthy Brain Network Scientific Data Portal is primarily intended for researchers. If you are a parent, educator, health care professional or community worker hoping to learn about participation in the study, please visit the Participant website.

Innovations in methods and technologies are equipping researchers with unprecedented capabilities for detecting and characterizing pathologic processes in the developing human brain. As a result, there is growing enthusiasm about the prospect of achieving clinically useful tools that can assist in the diagnosis and management of mental health and learning disorders. For these ambitions to be realized, it is critical to accrue large-scale multimodal datasets that capture a broad range of commonly encountered clinical psychopathology. To this end, the Child Mind Institute has launched the Healthy Brain Network, an ongoing initiative focused on creating and sharing a biobank comprised of data from 10,000 New York City area children and adolescents (ages 5-21). The Healthy Brain Network has adopted a community-referred recruitment model. Specifically, study advertisements seek the participation of families who have concerns about one or more psychiatric symptoms in their child. The Healthy Brain Network Biobank houses data about psychiatric, behavioral, cognitive, and lifestyle (e.g., fitness, diet) phenotypes, as well as multimodal brain imaging, electroencephalography, digital voice and video recordings, genetics, and actigraphy. Beyond accelerating transdiagnostic research, we discuss the potential of the Healthy Brain Network Biobank to advance related areas, such as biophysical modeling, voice and speech analysis, natural viewing fMRI and EEG, and methods optimization.

The various webpages on the present site are intended to be informative regarding the Healthy Brain Network data. However, prior to data usage, we strongly recommend that you download and read the Healthy Brain Network Biobank Data Descriptor. We encourage all users to regularly check the Updates and Fixes section. This page will post the most up to date information regarding changes in HBN protocols or procedures, as well as any fixes that arise for data that has been shared.

The Healthy Brain Network Team

Project Director
Michael Milham
Child Mind Institute President
Harold S. Koplewicz
Project Manager
Jasmine Escalera
Phenotypic Protocol Development
Lindsay Alexander, Charissa Andreotti, F. Xavier Castellanos, Jon Clucas, Arno Klein, Nicolas Langer, Bennett L. Leventhal, Catherine Lord, Judith Milham, Tomas Paus, Ken R. Pugh, Child Mind Institute Scientific Research Council
Data Management and Analysis
Lindsay Alexander, Lei Ai
Imaging Director
Cameron Craddock
Clinical Evaluation
Charissa Andreotti (Clinical Manager), Alexis Alexander, Jennifer Andersen, Kimberly Cameron, Cassady Casey, Rosa Cohen, Margaret Dyson, Katie Fitzgerald, Amanda Greenspan, Emily Hart, Danielle Kahn, Angelina Kim-Li, Amanda Lewis, Rebecca Neuhaus, Alexandra Nussbaum, Amy Racanello, Eric Riklin, Anna Smith, Russ Tobe
Phenotypic Data Collection and Organization
Lindsay Alexander (Data Manager), Emma Andrus, Victoria Castagna, Elisha Chan, Nicolas Camacho, Danielle Citera, Erica Correa, Camille A. Gregory, Shana Harris, Chase Hill, Erin Hunt, Jordan Kaye, Grace McAlindin, Laura Miller, Giuseppe Minniti, Corey Plate, Ana Restrepo-Lachman, Alexa Rodriguez, Tian Saltzman, Miriam San Lucas, Annette Schieffelin, Tohar Scheininger, Katherine Sitler-Elbel, Meg Stomski
MRI Logistics and Data Collection
Lianne Ramdhany (Coordinator), Aaron Battey, Karen Leung, Muthoni Mahachi, Nicole O'Donnell, Kristen Schiavo
Bonhwang Koo
Data Analysis
Lindsay Alexander, Lei Ai, Michael Milham
Phenotypic Data Sharing
Lindsay Alexander
EEG and Imaging
Lei Ai
Recruitment, Intake, and Scheduling
Batya Septimus, Marijayne Bushey, Brian Fradera, Tian Saltzman
Lindsay Alexander, Bonhwang Koo, Marijayne Bushey
Drafting of the Manuscript
Lindsay Alexander, Michael Milham
Miscellaneous Support and Guidance
Samantha Cohen, Satrajit Ghosh, Amy Margolis, Lucas Parra, Tamara Vanderwal
Alex Mangone, Gabriella Green, Bridget O'Hagan, Kayla Kleinman, Katherine Kabotyanski, Natan Vega Potler, John Pellman, Batya S. Bronstein, Anastasia Bui, Megan Eaves, Natalie Grant-Villegas, Shannon Litke, Yael Osman, Karina Febre, Anna Yeo, Eliza Kramer, Meagan Kovacs, Henry Butler, Dala Badreddine, Jaipreet Ghuman, Rachel Waltz


The Healthy Brain Network and its supporting initiatives are supported by philanthropic contributions from the following individuals, foundations and organizations: Margaret Bilotti; Brooklyn Nets; Agapi and Bruce Burkard; James Chang; Phyllis Green and Randolph Cowen; Grieve Family Fund; Susan Miller and Byron Grote; Sarah and Geoff Gund; George Hall; Jonathan M. Harris Family Foundation; Joseph P. Healey; The Hearst Foundations; Eve and Ross Jaffe; Howard & Irene Levine Family Foundation; Rachael and Marshall Levine; George and Nitzia Logothetis; Christine and Richard Mack; Julie Minskoff; Valerie Mnuchin; Morgan Stanley Foundation; Amy and John Phelan; Roberts Family Foundation; Jim and Linda Robinson Foundation, Inc.; Linda and Richard Schaps; Zibby Schwarzman; Abigail Pogrebin and David Shapiro; Stavros Niarchos Foundation; Preethi Krishna and Ram Sundaram; Amy and John Weinberg; Donors to the 2013 Child Advocacy Award Dinner Auction; Donors to the 2012 Brant Art Auction


We thank the Communications, Development, Finance, and Human Resource teams at the Child Mind Institute (past and present) for their endless support, as well as the CMI Executive Team - particularly, Elizabeth Planet, Natalie Cumberbatch, Brett Datkin, Dwayne Flinchum, and David Rivera; also the Child Mind Institute Scientific Research Council for their guidance and critical feedback in the planning of the Healthy Brain Network; Judith Gardner and Bernard Karmel for assisting in the recruitment efforts; Tammy Vanderwaal and Uri Hasson for their consultation in the selection of movies for the natural viewing paradigms; Simon Kelly for his assistance with devising the EEG battery; Megan Horton for advising us to add the collection of baby teeth; Antonio Convit for information regarding assessments of body composition; Stan Colcombe for information regarding fitness assessments; and Michael Michaelides for advising us to add hair samples for metals. Additionally, we would like to thank Joan Kaufman and Ken Kobak for providing access to the newly developed computerized KSADS and Ted Satterthwaite for helpful comments on the manuscript during its preparation.

We also acknowledge and thank Staten Island Borough President James Oddo, Staten Island Health and Wellness Director Dr. Ginny Mantello, and New York State Senator Andrew J. Lanza and his team (specifically William Matarazzo and Anthony Reinhart) for their guidance in developing strong partnerships throughout Staten Island, and their continued support of the project. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to the mental health organizations, service providers, and clinicians across Staten Island, and NYC at large, who continue to work with our staff and refer participants to the project.